1.     Andy’s Alleys will be starting a Youth Bowling program on Saturday October 13th 2018 with registration during the week of Oct 9th to 12th at Andy’s Alleys.
  2.     This program is open to Youth from the ages of 5-19 years as of Dec 31st, 2018
  3.     This program will run for 22 weeks with registration of $175.00.  This fee includes registration, weekly fee and shoe rental, but does not include purchases at the canteen.  In addition, it is expected that bowlers will sell at least 1 case of chocolate covered almonds.
  4.      As this is a new program the number of children we can accommodate will be dependent on the number of coaches/volunteers that we get to help us.
  5.      Age groups will be as follows:
    1. Bantams     5-10 years old.  This group will bowl starting at 9 am and will bowl 2 game.  Parents/guardians will need to remain with their children.
    2. Juniors       11-14 years old.  This group will bowl Saturdays starting at 11 am and will bowl 3 games.|
    3. Seniors        15 – 19 years.  Should we have bowlers in this age group a suitable time, based on numbers, well be arranged.

6.     YBC Registration Form